PhoneGLO has a commitment with Mother Nature¬†ūüĆé

We aim to minimize our carbon footprint and aid the global pursuit of plastic free oceans. That's where our #EcOProject comes in. The cases in our EcO Collection are 100% biodegradable, designed to protect your device and our planet's ecosystems simultaneously!

We donate a percentage of our¬†revenue to The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization which aims to rid our oceans of plastic pollution ūüĆä

Additionally, all¬†of our¬†cases are delivered to you inside a 100% recycled poly-mailer bag¬†or cardboard packaging. As the PhoneGLO community grows, we'll be introducing additional initiatives¬†to expand our¬†#EcOProject and¬†contribute more to the cleaner¬†Earth we all dream of¬†ūüíö

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sustainable packaging


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